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Driving growth needs committed people. Communication with stakeholders and implementing solutions with partners are our key factors for success.


Passion, efficiency and a high standard of quality for every piece of work. We aim to provide fitting yet flexible solutions for your projects.


Delivering business value is the main objective of every project. Benefit from our expertise, flexibility and innovation to create sustainable values in digital markets.

Thomas S. Regnet - Owner of RED IDEA

Thomas S. RegnetWe are living in a fast changing world, where organizations need to adapt quickly to new economic, political and technological conditions. Since I studied Business Administration and Marketing and founded RED IDEA in 2006 the world of marketing has evolved tremendously. Enterprises that are able to establish credible, efficient and sustainable communication with customers and stakeholders get an enormous competitive advantage.

Traditional marketing and advertising has reached its limits. Nowadays the most important thing is to win people's trust and to create a bond of affection. My passion is to support you on your way to sustainable growth – and communication in the digital world is a crucial factor to succeed.

With RED IDEA - Digital Marketing we find effective and efficient solutions for small and medium businesses (SMB’s). We share best practice tips on our blog and offer know-how and service packages to optimize customer loyalty and new customer acquisition. On desktop, tablet or smartphone/ iPhone, wherever your target group will be happy to see news from you. 
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About RED IDEA - Digital Marketing: Sustainable benefits for our customers

Digital Marketing is our passion here at RED IDEA.

RED IDEA derives from Spanish and means the network of ideas.

RED means network and also describes the global network of the Internet.

IDEA is the idea, the spark of inspiration.

RED IDEA – Digital Marketing crafts communication campaigns for small and medium businesses and organizations that need assistance in external or internal communication concepts targeting customers, employees or business partners. We understand that most businesses and organizations want a high degree of ownership and control over their marketing. Thus RED IDEA is not the marketing agency that pitches to take over your marketing budget, but to hire when you need support to bring initial ideas to live in the digital world.
We help you to communicate with customers and stakeholders. Involve your company and your people in the process. Find fitting yet flexible solutions. Bring solutions to life. Offer project management with passion and expertise. Always in focus: Sustainable benefits for our clients and their customers.
RED IDEA – Digital Marketing works as a network of experts and specialists for marketing strategy, digital, mobile and web technology and social media marketing. We believe that everybody is the expert in his or her own business. That is why we want to assist small and medium businesses and companies that are great in what they are doing with a competence that is not at the heart of their business but crucial for their success.

RED IDEA builds digital competence.


Digital Marketing

RED IDEA - Digital Marketing: Passion for digital projects

“A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.”

Henry Ford – Thrifty business man and founder of the Ford Motor Company

To this day nothing changed the truth of this quote. Marketing still costs money, time or both. So, what has changed? The possibilities of marketing and the way in which customers want to be treated. While classic marketing is primarily targeting prospective customers irrespective of an actual interest (Push Strategy), digital marketing facilitates very accurate targeting of customers according to their interests (Pull Strategy). 

“The web is more a social creation than a technical one.”

Tim Berners-Lee – Inventor of the World Wide Web (www)

Digital Marketing goes beyond advertising.

It allows meaningful communication with your customers.

Digital marketing is faster, more sustainable and allows better targeting and performance analysis than classic marketing. Moreover, you get a significantly larger range at lower cost. Nevertheless, success does not come out of the blue. Digital marketing requires time to optimize the different options and willingness to learn. To engage an expert team with a passion for digital projects helps you start. We assist you to find the best digital channels for your business and to optimize your strategy. We believe that marketing strategy and tactics is a competency every business needs to survive. Thus, we are here to help: with tips and tricks in our blog, with digital marketing services that enhance your marketing activities and with trainings that help you and your employees to find the most efficient ways in the digital marketing world.

RED IDEA strives and thrives to support your digital marketing projects

RED IDEA - Digital Marketing assist you to build a consistent digital marketing strategy that achieves measurable results. Starting with blog and content marketing strategies, search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) to the different options of social media marketing (SMM) as well as affiliate and referral marketing.

Our focus: Effective and efficient solutions for B2C and B2B businesses.

Find out which services we have to offer.


Digital Marketing

RED IDEA - Digital Marketing: Leidenschaft für digitale Projekte

„Wer aufhört zu werben, um Geld zu sparen, kann ebenso seine Uhr anhalten, um Zeit zu sparen.“
Henry Ford – Unternehmer und Gründer der Ford Motor Company

An der Wahrheit dieser Feststellung hat sich bis heute nichts geändert. Nach wie vor kostet Marketing Geld, Zeit oder beides. Was sich jedoch geändert hat: Die Möglichkeiten des Marketing und die Art und Weise wie Kunden heutzutage umworben werden wollen. Warb man mit klassischen Marketingmaßnahmen noch um Kunden, deren Bedarf man nicht genau kannte (Push-Strategie), so ist es mit Digital Marketing möglich, die Kunden zielgerichtet abzuholen (Pull-Strategie).

„Das Web ist mehr eine soziale Erfindung als eine technische.“
Tim Berners-Lee – Erfinder des World Wide Web (www)

Digital Marketing ermöglicht mehr als Werbung.

Es erlaubt Ihnen echte Kommunikation mit Ihren Kunden.

Digital Marketing ist schneller, nachhaltiger und ermöglicht bessere Erfolgskontrollen sowie deutlich höhere Reichweiten als klassisches Marketing. Und das noch dazu mit geringerem und gezielterem Einsatz Ihres Marketingbudgets. Dennoch kommt Erfolg nicht von alleine. Erfolg im Digital Marketing erfordert Zeit, sowie die Bereitschaft sich mit den verschiedenen Möglichkeiten zu befassen und zu lernen. Ein schlagkräftiges Team mit einer besonderen Leidenschaft für digitale Projekte zu engagieren erleichtert Ihnen jedoch den Start und hilft dabei die Maßnahmen gut aufeinander abzustimmen. Jegliche Beschäftigung mit Online Marketing können und wollen wir Ihnen jedoch nicht abnehmen - Dafür haben wir in unserem Blog jede Menge Digital Marketing Tips, Tricks und Know-How.

RED IDEA möchte Sie bei der Umsetzung Ihrer Digital Marketing Projekte unterstützen.

RED IDEA – Digital Marketing hilft Ihnen dabei eine ideal abgestimmte und konsistente Digital Marketing-Strategie zu entwickeln, die messbar Erfolge erzielt. Angefangen bei Strategien des Blog- und Content Marketing, über Suchmaschinenoptimierung (SEO) und Suchmaschinenmarketing (SEM) bis hin zu den verschiedenen Möglichkeiten des Social Media Marketing (SMM) und des Empfehlungsmarketings.

Unser Fokus: Digital Marketing Lösungen für kleine und mittelständische B2C und B2B Unternehmen.

Erfahren Sie mehr über unsere Digital Marketing Services.



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